Electro Pneumatic Coder

Electro Pneumatic Coder
Electro Pneumatic Coder
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Product Code : 07
Product Description

Electro Pneumatic Coder:

For the tabletop system, the coder is mounted on a stand and the item to be printed is placed manually and either a foot switch is pressed or a timer activates to code semi-automatically.
These coders are ideal for On-Line Automatic Coding on Intermittent Packaging Machines. The system is electronically synchronized with the packaging machine so that the printing is done at the instant the film stops for sealing/cutting.
The message to be printed is very easily composed by just push fitting the grooved stereos (easily changeable) on to the groove base mat. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable circular cartridge, which is fully enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces. The print head slides into the housing for inking & outside for coding on to.


Coder Model

EPC-35 H

EPC-100 H

Supply Voltage

230 Vac ± 10 % 15 VA

230 Vac ± 10 % 15 VA

Printing Area

4 to 6 lines (35mm x 35 mm)

4 to 8 lines (35mm x 35 mm)

Printing Speed         

Max. 150 imprints/min         

Max. 100 imprints/min

Printing Using

Easily Changeable grooved/flat rubber/nylon stereos


Inking Medium

Special rechargeable ink cartridge / wax cartridge


Printing Medium       

Quick drying ink (Black, Violet, Red, Green, White*, etc)


Printing Impressions  

15,000 per 20 ml. Charge

10,000 per 20 ml. Charge


10,000 per 20 ml. Charge

10,000 per 20 ml. Charge